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Rhode Island Registered Agent Service in Barrington, RI!

Corporations and LLCs in Rhode Island are required by state law to appoint a Rhode Island registered agent to accept service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of their business.

$49 Rhode Island Registered Agent Service:

  • Instant Registered Agent Service
  • Fast 3-Minute Signup
  • Same-Day Document Delivery in Real Time
  • Rhode Island Business Presence: Simple Set-Up for Website, Domain, Email & Business Phone
  • Legitimate Use of Our Commercial Office Address in Barrington
  • Secure Digital Client Portal for Storing and Managing Business Filings
  • Regular Annual Report Reminders
  • Year-Round Compliance Monitoring
  • Easy-to-Understand Filing Guides for All RI Filings
  • Immediate Notification for All Service of Process
  • No Hidden Fees, Upsells or “Introductory Prices”
  • One Single Price: $49 Per Year

We offer the fastest and most reliable Rhode Island registered agent service in the industry. Our Barrington registered office has a well-established relationship with the Rhode Island Secretary of State. We have built this relationship over many years in this industry, and we know exactly how the SOS wants its filings and exactly who handles which filings.

When you sign up for our Rhode Island registered agent service, you will immediately have access to your secure online client portal. From your account, you will be able to add any Rhode Island filing you need for your business (as well as filings for additional businesses, if you have more than one). Whenever we accept service of process or official notifications on behalf of your business, they will be instantly scanned and uploaded into your account. You will receive a notification immediately, informing you that your documents are ready for viewing.

You also have immediate access to your complimentary Rhode Island Business Presence jump start. This service gets you started with your own domain for your business, a secure website, email addresses at your domain, and business phone service.

In addition, we will provide you with annual report and compliance reminders throughout the year to ensure that you do not lose your good standing with the Rhode Island Secretary of State.

Requirements for Registered Agents in Rhode Island

Every Rhode Island registered agent is required to meet certain statutory obligations:

  1. Maintain a Physical Registered Office in Rhode Island
  2. Maintain a Mailing Address in Rhode Island
  3. Keep Regular Business Hours Year-Round
  4. Accept Service of Process on Behalf of Clients
  5. Forward Service of Process & Business Docs to Clients in Timely Manner

How to Change Your Rhode Island Registered Agent

To change your Rhode Island registered agent you must file a Statement of Change with the RI Secretary of State. This form can be filed online, by mail or in person. There is a $20 filing fee.

There are different forms for LLCs and Corporations, although they are both called a Statement of Change.

Rhode Island Business Filings

You can make these filings for domestic corporations and LLCs online, in person, or by mailing the forms and a check payment to the Rhode Island Corporations Division at the address listed above. Foreign LLCs and corporations can file by mail or in person. Upon signing up for RI registered agent service, you’ll see all the necessary forms you need to make your filing, pre-populated with our Rhode Island registered agent information, in your online account.

We also have some valuable Rhode Island tax info for you as well.

Once registered to do business in RI, domestic corporations and LLCs are required to file an annual report due on May 1st. The annual report costs $50 for LLCs and corporations. The annual report can be filed online. This requirement is the same for foreign corporations and foreign LLCs.

Normal filings are processed by the state within 5-10 business days after they receive them. In person filings are processed the next business day at no extra charge.

We would love to have your business, and it actually means something to us. We’re not a huge company, but we have the resources in place to make sure we stay at the top of our game. You can get the president on the phone at any time, and our paralegals should be able to answer any question you might have about Rhode Island registered agent service, and incorporating in RI. Every company in Rhode Island is required to maintain a Rhode Island registered agent and RI registered office. We can accomplish this for you, and you won’t have a bunch of red tape and hidden fees with us. We just need your contact information so we know how to forward anything to you, and how to get a hold of you, when we need to. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to serve you.

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