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Registered Agents In Rhode Island

Registered Agent Services in Rhode Island.

Our address is listed on every page of our website. It’s the same one we’ll list as your Rhode Island registered agent. If you’re looking for a registered agent in Rhode Island, we hope this is the end of your search.

Our cost structure is pretty basic. You’ll be charged $49 initially for one year of registered agent service. In a year, you will get a bill from us for $49 for an additional year of our registered agent service. We don’t send you any other bills. We don’t have anything else to try and sell you. You can trust that you won’t get any scares on your credit card bill after you hire us to act as your registered agent in Rhode Island.

The Right Price

Let me ask you this, have you ever found a really rock bottom price on something and found out later that it was missing a critical piece, becoming obsolete, or didn’t include a crucial feature you wanted? We charge you less than most, but there are some cheaper registered agents out thereā€¦ We receive change of registered agent orders on a weekly basis from clients that used “cheaper” options. During the course of a year, they found they wound up paying more in added fees than our normal every day price of $49 a year. Our pricing is enough to earn a living and stay in business, it’s enough to not have to try to up-sell you anything. Most importantly, it’s enough to keep our pricing strategy simple.

What will you get?

Once you sign up, you will be immediately logged into your online client account. There, you will have access to all the same state forms you would find on the different Rhode Island business sites.

Your forms are already pre-filled with our information correctly and we include tips on how to make the filing in Rhode Island.

We provide auto-reminders and compliance tools for your filing requirements and annual reports.

As our client, you will also receive our Rhode Island Business Presence service. This service includes your own business domain, a secure website, business email, and business phone service. Your domain is included at no additional cost for a full year, and the other services are free for 90 days. Launch your business easily, and cancel any services you don’t need anytime.