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Rhode Island Business Filing Tips

Business filing tips in Rhode Island

You can form a new Rhode Island LLC or corporation by using the Rhode Island Secretary of State online filing portal.

If you’re doing a registration from another state you have to mail your filing into the RI Secretary of State for processing.  They do not accept online filings for out of state entities.

In general, everything in Rhode Island is expensive.  The filing fees for corporations vary based on your authorized shares.  You can see our business filing tips and instructions on the business filing forms in your account.  The department of revenue has a $500 minimum fee just to file a zero tax return for corporations or LLCs being taxed with the IRS as an S corporation.  For this alone, we often recommend forming a Rhode Island LLC or transacting business in Rhode Island as an out of state LLC.

Foreign corporations have to disclose a lot of private information to get a certificate of authority to do business in Rhode Island.  Many of our clients do not want to do this.  If you form a new Rhode Island corp., you do not have to disclose your personal information like you would if you’re registering an out of state corporation.

LLCs use the terminology resident agent and corporations use the terminology registered agent.  This is the same thing.  We provide registered agent and resident agent services for Rhode Island.  You’ll see all the forms you could possibly file with the state in your account with our info correctly populated on them.